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> Hi Nidhia,
> For my pipeline application, I want to share same table between two
> different pipeline. Is that possible? If yes, how can I do it?

This is usually a bad idea due to the implications: locks required for each table record, performance penalty due to cache line ping-pong between cores.

See link below for a quick discussion:

Usually we split the application-level table into several smaller tables that are sections of the big table and each one is handled by a different pipeline instance (of e.g. the flow classification pipeline type), with each instance potentially running on different CPU core; we make sure that packets reach the right pipeline instance through flow affinity schemes like RSS or SW steering.

> [Jasvinder] -  In the current ip pipeline application, we don’t have such
> illustration of sharing a table between two pipelines. Therefore, you need to
> tweak the code to implement it for your application.
> Thanks,
> Jasvinder

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