[dpdk-users] [DPDK] help: Questions about DPDK ACL

Caianning caianning at huawei.com
Wed May 17 14:32:48 CEST 2017

	I have modified the example L3FWD-ACL for some test. And got 2 questions:

	1) how to add a default rule,  which is used to deny all other packet (which does not match any previous rule)? Can I do as following, and add it at the end of ipv4 rules? 
    @ 0 : 65535 0 : 65535 0x0/0x0 0xf0000000

	2) I want to have 3 results, and modified the macro DEFAULT_MAX_CATEGORY to 3. 
	In the example, the category_mask is set to -1. Shall I set category_mask for each type of rule? 
	After rte_acl_classify(),  I expect 3 results in the acl_search.res_ipv4 for each packet. Such as {1,3,0xf0000001} ?


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