[dpdk-users] Getting meta data from different pipelines in ip_pipeline application

Nidhia Varghese nidhiavarghese93 at gmail.com
Tue May 30 09:03:49 CEST 2017


This is how I want my pipelines to work:-
Pipeline 4:
Has to get the source mac address and save it in 160th(160-167) meta data
filed in the mbuf.
Pipeline 5:
Will take the vlan id and store it in 168th(168-175) offset of the same mbuf
Pipeline 6:
Take the incoming port id which is in 23rd position of the mbuf and store
it in 175th offset. (It will overlap with vlan id field stored, but since I
need only that one bit and I have to access all the three fileds together
as a 16 bit key value, I have done this overlapping)
Pipeline 7:
Key offset is given as 160 and key size is given as 16. So that 160 to 175
will be available as we have stored those in meta data in the previous
three pipelines.

I want to know whether my logic will work if I write the config file as
shown below. Will pipeline 7 be able to get the stored source mac address,
vlan id and port id from the given key offset?

dma_size = 8
dma_dst_offset = 160
dma_src_offset = 262
dma_src_mask = FFFFFFFFFFFF0000
dma_hash_offset = 192

dma_size = 8
dma_dst_offset = 168
dma_src_offset = 268
dma_src_mask = 00000FFF00000000
dma_hash_offset = 200

dma_size = 8
dma_dst_offset = 175
dma_src_offset = 23
dma_src_mask = FF00000000000000
dma_hash_offset = 208

key_size = 16
key_offset = 160
key_mask = FFFFFFFFFFFF000000000FFF000000FF

Thanks for your reply and help.

Nidhia Varghese

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