[dpdk-users] Limitation of performance the X550(RX pps)

KHKim khkim at vvv6.jp
Thu Nov 9 02:08:27 CET 2017

Hi, all.

Could you tell us whether the events described below are within assumptions

>From server1 where DPDK was installed to server2 installed in the same way,
we sent 14.88 million 64byte-length packets with pktgen.

At first, we installed x540-t2 in server1 and server2, and next did x550-t2
in server1 and server2.


In the measurement, when the packet-length is 64 bytes, x540-t2 received all
14.88 million packets, while x550-t2 received only 4.82 million packets.

When the packet-length is 128 bytes, x540-t2 received 8.44 million packets,
while x550-t2 received only 4.62 million packets.


These numbers show the performance of x540-t2 will be better than that of
x550-t2 although, given the specifications, the results should be the

I don't know why it will result like this. Could someone let us know why
this could happen ?, and if there is a difficult part to understand, please
let us know.


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