[dpdk-users] Netronome NFP-4000 and DPDK17.11-rc4

Alessio Silvestro alessio.silvestro at neclab.eu
Mon Nov 27 16:51:49 CET 2017

Dear all,

I am using a Netronome NFP-4000 and I would like to use it with DPDK (17.11rc4). I Ubuntu with 4.10, the latest NFP BSP (2017.09.27) installed.

I correctly map the NIC interface to igb_uio however, when I start testpmd, it gives the following error:

PMD: nfp_pf_pci_probe(): nspu ABI version: 0.13

PMD: NFP NSP ABI version too old. Required 0.20 or higher

Why I have an older ABI even if I have the newest version of the BSP?

Can someone help me?


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