[dpdk-users] How rte_mempool_ops_table is populated in a DPDK client application?

Ming Fu Ming.Fu at esentire.com
Fri Sep 1 15:36:12 CEST 2017

Try to make snort to receive packet from a dpdk ring as an client application. The DPDK is compiled into the snort DAQ lib statically. The DAQ lib is then linked to snort statically.

What I am find is that the rte_mempool_ops_table is all 0, causing the client to crash when free the received mbuf from the ring. I was wondering how this rte_mempool_ops_table is populated during DPDK initialization for a client application.

The my dpdk snort went through rte_eal_init(), rte_ring_lookup() and rte_mempool_lookup() without error.


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