[dpdk-users] Intel X550 Receive timestamping for all packets

terry.montague.1980 at btinternet.com terry.montague.1980 at btinternet.com
Fri Sep 15 17:24:32 CEST 2017

Hi all,
Has anyone tried modifying the ixgbe PMD driver to allow an Intel X550 card to insert the extra 8 bytes of data at the end of each receive message, the 8 bytes containing the receive SYSTIME  timestamp ?
I've adjusted TYPE in TSYNCRXCTL to be "all packets" and set TSIP_UT_EN. I get the 8 bytes of data appended to all packets, but the controller doesn't populate the memory - the contents are left unchanged when transmitted.
TS and TSIP are both set in the received RDESC descriptor (along with the receive byte count increasing by 8 bytes) so the adaptor is definitely doing something.
Any ideas anyone ?
Many thanks

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