[dpdk-users] Best approach for kvm using dpdk without the DPDK sample applications

.. hyperhead at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 14:06:02 CEST 2018

Hi DPDK people!

I am using KVM and have dpdk installed on my VM Host.

I have used vfio_pci and done host passthrough to the VM, however the link
is always down.

I know the nic device name disappears in Linux when applying drivers from
dpdk, but I need to send traffic from my VM out of the SR-IOV nic to
another VM Host with SR-IOV nic.

I can use SR-IOV with igb and igbvf with hostdev passthrough, and via
macvtap  but I want better speeds.  Is there a way of achieving it with
dpdk outside of the sample applications that send packets to test rates.

Is there a tutorial, other than the basic Intel ones to get line rates with
a presented interface that bypasses the kernel processing the rx_fifo queue?

I use an Intel I350 1GBe card just to be clear.


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