[dpdk-users] Ping doesn't work with OVS-DPDK bridge with DPDK physical ports but ARPing works

Mona ElSaadawy mona.elsaadawy at mail.mcgill.ca
Tue Dec 4 19:28:59 CET 2018


I'm trying to build up an OVS-DPDK bridge that should connect two different physical hosts. So I basically have three physical nodes, one is the traffic generator and one for the sink and the third physical host has the OVS-DPDK bridge that connect the two other nodes. I followed this tutorial to install DPDK and OVS with DPDK configuration http://docs.openvswitch.org/en/latest/intro/install/dpdk/ and followed the instructions in PHY-PHY in http://docs.openvswitch.org/en/latest/howto/dpdk/ to build up the intended setup.  To test this setup, I directly plugged the physical NICs of two communicating nodes into the DPDK physical interfaces of OVS-DPDK bridge at the third host. Then I tried to ping from one of the two communicating nodes to the other but it doesn't work though the ARPing is working . In addition, when I run dump-flows on the OVS-DPDK bridge, I can find the ping packets matched in their corresponding flows but can't received at the connected hosts and the ARP table of the OVS-DPDK bridge is empty. I tried to write the destination MAC address for each flow to ensure the delivery, but it doesn't  work either. I tried also to enable the flow negotiation and flow control for both the receiving and transmitting queues of the bridge DPDK ports by running:

ovs-vsctl set Interface <DPDK port  name> options:tx-flow-ctrl=true

ovs-vsctl set Interface <DPDK port  name> options:rx-flow-ctrl=true

ovs-vsctl set Interface <DPDK port  name> options:flow-ctrl-autoneg=true

It doesn't work.

I also enabled the IP forwarding in the both communicating nodes.

A thing to add. The two DPDK physical interfaces added to the OVS-DPDK bridge is on the same NIC and it's:
BCM57416 NetXtreme-E 10GBase. My system has 4 cores with hyper-threading and one socket. and here are my OVS and DPDK versions:

ovs-vswitchd --version
ovs-vswitchd (Open vSwitch) 2.10.90
DPDK 17.11.4

So can anyone please help in figuring out what is wrong in this setup?



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