[dpdk-users] Unregistered mempool in secondary

Tom Barbette barbette at kth.se
Thu Dec 6 00:41:17 CET 2018

Hi mlx5 maintainers,

Since we're using a second ConnectX 5 NIC plugged to our second CPU socket, we see the following message when flowing packets through that port :

net_mlx5: port 1 using address (0x6000712742c0) of unregistered mempool in secondary process, please create mempool before rte_eth_dev_start()

The secondary process has all of the primary process pools registered via rte_mempool_walk (2 as we have 2 numa nodes). But that address in the error message is actually not between any of the pool->mz->addr_64  + pool->mz->size range. So maybe this comes from an automatically created pool of the primary ? If so, how can we force it to be created before we call eth_dev_start?

We think the only change is that the second port is now a dedicated NIC on the second socket, instead of the second port of the same NIC on the first socket. But we are not 100% sure this is the triggering event. The same test worked before, still with DPDK 18.08.


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