[dpdk-users] JUMBO FRAMEs on virtio in dpdk 18.11

RAJESH KUMAR S.R rajuuu1992 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 12:58:18 CET 2018


I need a help/clarification regarding the latest dpdk 18.11 version. I'm
new to dpdk.

I'm running a custom app which uses dpdk 18.02 version.
Recently, I upgraded dpdk to 18.11 version. I see that Jumbo frames are not
passing via virtio interfaces which were earlier passing through virtio

Do virtio support jumbo frames for dpdk 18.11 version?  I don't see the
"DEV_RX_OFFLOAD_JUMBO_FRAME" set for rx_offload in vritio driver which is
present in other dirvers like e1000 driver.

Earlier(with dpdk 18.02) I was enabling the jumbo frames using
"jumbo_frame" attribute as part of "rxmode" in device configuration and
after setting mtu as 9000, I was able to pass larger packets of size ~8100
in virtio.
As the rxmode struct is removed and offloads are used, I set the
DEV_RX_OFFLOAD_JUMBO_FRAME flag as part of rx_offloads but I'm getting this
error for virtio,
"requested Rx offloads 0x800 doesn't match Rx offloads capabilities 0x21d
in rte_eth_dev_configure()"
I see that the max allowed packet size in virtio code is ~9000 B
I just tried disabling the offload check and running after setting the
required higher mtu , but larger packets are not passing through.

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