[dpdk-users] HOW performance to run DPDK at ARM64 arch?

金塔尖之鑫 win239 at 126.com
Thu Dec 27 10:24:22 CET 2018

recently, I have debug DPDK18.08 at my arm64 arch machine, with DPDK-pktgen3.5.2.
but the performace is very low for bidirectional traffic with x86 machine

here is my data:
hardware Conditions:
        arm64:    CPU - 64 cores, CPUfreq: 1.5GHz
                       MEM - 64 GiB
                       NIC - 82599ES dual port
        x86:        CPU - 4 cores, CPUfreq: 3.2GHz
                       MEM - 4GiB
                       NIC - 82599ES dual port
software Conditions:
         system kernel:
                  arm64: linux-4.4.58
                  x86: ubuntu16.04-4.4.0-generic
                  DPDK18.08, DPDK-pktgen3.5.2

       |----------|                bi-directional                |-----------|
       | arm64 | port0 |           < - >            | port0 |     x86   |
       |----------|                                                     |----------|

                                  arm64                                   x86
Pkts/s (Rx/Tx)            10.2/6.0Mpps                       6.0/14.80Mpps
MBits/s(Rx/Tx)             7000/3300 MBits/s             3300/9989 MBits/s

1、Why DPDK data performance would be so much worse than the x86 architecture in arm64 addition?
2、above, Tx direction is not run full, Why Rx and TX affect each other?

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