[dpdk-users] fail to send jumbo packets with fm10k PMD driver

Amihay Sobel amihay.sobel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 12:46:53 CET 2018

 Hello all,

I am using the fm10k PMD driver with vector optimization enabled.
I noticed that the jumbo packets feature is not working for TX (configured
jumbo_frame = 1, enable_scatter = 1 and max_rx_pkt_len = 9000).
I am able to receive the jumbo packets correctly, but they are not sent on
TX (i suspect that the fm10k TX vector driver is only sending the first
segment of the
jumbo frame chain)
Do you know if there is any solution for the above problem, is this problem
known or is it suppose to work?

When working with the non vector PMD driver, i notice that i am only able
to send packets compound of 4 segments (4 mbuf's) and then the max size
on the mbuf size.

Is this a correct observation and is it a known limit or can this be


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