[dpdk-users] Why rte_pipeline.c only support forwarding to same table in different entries?

hongbo liu cnliuhb at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 10:10:10 CEST 2018


It is confusing when designing pipeline table.

I am trying to have one ACL table 0 to forward different traffic to
different table, but it failed.

And I noticed that the following checks in rte_pipeline.c:
if ((entry->action == RTE_PIPELINE_ACTION_TABLE) &&
table->table_next_id_valid &&
(entry->table_id != table->table_next_id)) {
"%s: Tree-like topologies not allowed\n", __func__);
return -EINVAL;

Is there any reason why adding this limitation?

In openflow, the limitation is the forward table_id must be larger than
current table_id, and the final
table should not have forward table action.

By the way, it still does not work after removing upper checks.

Is it difficult to support forwarding to multiple tables in different


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