[dpdk-users] I40evf VLAN stripping disable

Dey, Souvik sodey at rbbn.com
Mon Jun 11 18:26:27 CEST 2018

Hi Xing,
                Do we need to do i40evf_add_vlan() to get the vlan packets up to the VM like we had in ixgbe_vf?  I see that if I have the vlan added through i40evf_add_vlan(), then the packet is received with the vlan stripped even if the vlan_strip is disabled in the PF. If I just do vlan_strip disabled and then send vlan packets it is all coming up to the VM. But is that not security issue as all VLANs even if not configured will be coming up to the VM, which never happened in the ixgbe case. I only have rte_eth_allmulticast_enable in my app , so expect that unicast/broadcast promisc mode is disabled by default.


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Hi Souvik,

Could you try with kernel driver (version 2.4.3) first? In my environment, disable vlan strip in DPDK works with kernel driver version 2.4.3.

My test steps with testpmd:
>set fwd rxonly
>set verbose 1
>set promisc 0 off
>vlan set strip off 0
Then send a vlan packet with VF mac address.

Best Regards,
Beilei Xing

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Subject: I40evf VLAN stripping disable

Hi i40e/i40evf maintainers,

I was testing VLANs with i40evf pmd and is hitting the below issue.

I have the following configuration:
- host runs with Linux pf i40e driver(version 2.4.6)
- guest runs with DPDK 17.11.2 vf i40e driver

When I am sending a vlan packet from the outside to the guest, on the guest, I receive the packet which has the PKT_RX_VLAN_STRIPPED flag set although I'm not asking for it.
Even though my DPDK app has the rte_eth_conf.rxmode.hw_vlan_strip set to 0 and also verified that the i40evf_disable_vlan_strip(VIRTCHNL_OP_DISABLE_VLAN_STRIPPING) function is getting called and not returning any error from the linux pf driver.
Is this the default behavior that the VLAN will be always stripped by the PF irrespective of the setting ? Should the DPDK version take care of the re-adding the tag back to the packet in case hw_vlan_strip is disabled ? What should be best way of handling it ? Is it a bug in DPDK or I am missing something here.

I do see in the linux i40evf driver we are insert vlan header in the received packets in some cases.


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