[dpdk-users] Directing *all* port traffic of mlx4 VF to application?

Jacob Dionne jdionne at 128technology.com
Fri Jun 22 17:47:46 CEST 2018


I'm looking for some guidance. I'm working on a VM with a Mellanox
ConnectX-3 VF that I want to use in my DPDK Application. IPv4 TCP and UDP
unicast traffic is steered to my application, but ARP/ICMP are not.

I want *all* traffic to be steered to my application. Should setting
promiscuous achieve this? For me it didn't do the trick... do I need to use
the flow library to add a catch-all?

I'm using DPDK 17.08, OFED 4.1, Centos7.3


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