[dpdk-users] 17.05 --> 17.11, minimum hash table key size

Yeddula, Avinash ayeddula at ciena.com
Fri Jun 29 02:10:56 CEST 2018


We are in process of migrating our design from DPDK 17.05 to 17.11 and we ran into a small problem. Within our design, we have some hash tables with 4-byte keys. While going through the changes done in 17.11, we have found there was an added key_size check, which now requires key_size >= 8 bytes (see check_params_create() in rte_table_hash_ext.c). Not seeing any other options, so I was hoping someone could advise on how to support a 4-byte hash key size in 17.11 and on a go forward basis.


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