[dpdk-users] Intel I350 [8086:1521] igb PMD VLAN offload transmition issue?

James Huang jamsphon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 01:30:17 CET 2018


We're experiencing PMD VLAN offload transmition issue on Intel I350
[8086:1521] NIC.

OS: CentOS 6.5 x64
DPDK 17.05.2
NIC firmware check with Linux ethtool, firmware-version: 1.67, 0x80000dd0,

The VLAN offload receiving portion works fine, could get mbuf
ol_flags=0x1c1, with correct vlan_tci value.

However, on sending time, when set mbuf ol_flags=0x200000000000000 and
vlan_tci value, there is no packet going out on the wire. in the meantime,
dpdk-pdump tool could capture the outgoing packet without vlan tagging.

This issue does not happen if switch the NIC from I350 to X540 10G

And, if does not use VLAN, I350 works fine, too.

Is the I350 NIC hardware compatible issue, or something else?
Is possible to fix the issue?

James Huang


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