[dpdk-users] How to change the max number of locres?

Ramneek Sekhon ramneeksekhon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 05:32:24 CET 2018

I am using dpdk 17.11.1, on a system with > 128 cores.
In the startup log, it is displayed that 128 cores are detected.

As I am interested in using lcores beyond 128 for the application, I tried
to increase the CONFIG_RTE_MAX_LCORES value in the dpdk/config/common_base
file, and recompliled dpdk, but it still detects a max of 128 cores.

I need to use higher numbered cores because the NIC card is plugged on to
CPU 6 so I want to use the cores local to CPU6 for better performance.

Please let me how the config_rte_max_lcore can be increased, and is there
any other change that needs to be made ?

Thanks and Regards

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