[dpdk-users] mlx5 fails to probe on 16.11.5

Richard Nutman Richard.Nutman at s-a-m.com
Fri Mar 16 16:14:58 CET 2018

Hi all,

I tried switching from the Mellanox 16.11.4 release to the official DPDK LTS 16.11.5, but having issues getting it to work.

rte_eth_dev_count() returns 0, as mlx5_pci_probe() is never called from rte_eal_pci_probe_one_driver().
Anyone any idea what that would be ?  Works fine in previous Mellanox releases.

Using Centos 7.2, Ofed 4.2-1.

Also in mlx5_ethdev.c -> mlx5_dev_infos_get()
info->flow_type_rss_offloads = ~MLX5_RSS_HF_MASK; 

was added as part of the .5 release, but the mask is undefined and fails to build.


Richard Nutman
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