[dpdk-users] Apply patches from the mailing list

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Mon Mar 26 12:04:15 CEST 2018

25/03/2018 16:31, longtb5 at viettel.com.vn:
> From: "shreyansh jain" <shreyansh.jain at nxp.com>
> > From: longtb5 at viettel.com.vn
> > > A very basic question, but how do I apply some of the patches that
> > > were put on the dev mailing list to try it out? I already looked at
> > > the next- subtrees but apparently even major patch set such as the new
> > > packet framework/ip_pipeline is not in there (yet).
> > 
> > This is what I do:
> > 
> > 1. Access http://dpdk.org/dev/patchwork/project/dpdk/list/ and search for
> > patches from the author. This has all the patches posted to Mailing List
> > - with their state (that is, for example, superseded if a series has been
> > superseded with another version)> > 
> > 2. You have three options:
> >  a) Either select all patches (you will need to register/login) in a
> >  series and add to "bundle" and download that bundle as mbox b) Select
> >  individual patch and look for "download patch" or "download mbox" link
> >  and manually download them.> > 
> > OR, one I use most frequently:
> >  b) Copy the link to patch (for example,
> >  http://dpdk.org/dev/patchwork/patch/36473/) and append "mbox" to it
> >  (http://dpdk.org/dev/patchwork/patch/36473/mbox)> > 
> > Then,
> > 
> > $ wget <link or mbox file> -O - | git am
> > 
> > One can easily make a script which can do the steps (1)>(2b) above based
> > on a given patch ID (last integer in the link to patch).

This script exists already. It is pwclient:

> > Maybe there is a better and efficient way - this is just what I do. :)
> After my email I figured out your 2a). But yeah having to register/login was a nuisance 
> and not very intuitive especially for people like me who had had no experience working
> with patchwork or mailing lists before.

The basic method is to have a decent email client which allows you to
download emails (i.e. patches). Then you can just apply them with git am.

> > > The contributor guideline only has sections for submitting patches to
> > > the mailing list, not pulling and applying patches for local testing.
> > > I know of dpdk patchwork but there are no instructions provided.
> > 
> > Maybe you can go ahead and send across a patch for a method you find best
> > and efficient. Others can add their way/suggestions and I am confident
> > Thomas would be happy to accept a documentation improvement patch.
> Echoing this. A section in the contributor guideline just like the one I followed when I
> pushed my first patch would be very helpful indeed.

Now that you have all the informations, and that you are interested in,
you are welcome to update the contributors guide and send a patch :)

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