[dpdk-users] Temperature of CPU when running DPDK App

Hristo.Trifonov Hristo.Trifonov at ul.ie
Thu Mar 29 15:58:01 CEST 2018


Your temperatures seem quite normal for 16 CPUs that are running a DPDK app.
I'm not sure what is your app actually doing but if you want to try and bring those values down you can look at rte_delay_us_block() which effectively calls _mm_pause() and sends a PAUSE instruction to the CPU core and pauses the busy-wait loop execution for predefined micro or mili seconds.
I am not sure if this is relevant to your use case but I did some research on this recently, which you can find here https://ulir.ul.ie/handle/10344/6246.
Chapter 7.1.1 explains the most.


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