[dpdk-users] Increasing Rx/Tx queues for i40evf driver

Sivakiran Kodali itzksk at icloud.com
Wed May 23 08:13:55 CEST 2018

Keeping aside the fact as to why you wanna do this, the change needs to be done in PF driver that is on the host.
XL710 uses i40e driver. So change the i40e.h file as below.


Compile the driver and reinsert the kernel module.


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> On 22-May-2018, at 11:45 AM, megha syam <syam.electro at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am using dpdk 16.07 version.
> The number queues listed by the sriov vf is 4 by default. (4 queue pairs to
> be specific)
> I have changed the config parameter
> to 16.
> But still when the VM comes up, the number of queue pairs assigned is still
> 4.
> In the host, the total number of VFs are 4 for the XL710 NIC.
> Is there anything that needs to be done, to make VF use more number of
> queues per VF?
> Thanks,
> Syam

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