[dpdk-users] Disable receiving new flows on a core

Chintan Inbay chintaninbay at outlook.com
Fri Nov 2 02:19:50 CET 2018


We use RSS for distributing flows across cores. Sometimes, in special cases we want to disable receiving new flows to a core. Only new flows. So say if RETA is programmed to receive on cores (0,1,2,3), then the new set would be (0,1,2).  Existing flows going to (3) should be retained and forwarded. Only new flows should not be sent to (3).

Eventually when core (3) is ready again, we need to re program RETA so that all four cores can take flows. So new set of cores would be (0,1,2,3)

Is this possible?

Also if the process on core 3 goes down or crashes, is there a way to notify RSS hardware or you’d have to reprogram RETA in a signal handler?


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