[dpdk-users] Refreshing list of available ports after initialization

Andres Avila andresavilas1993 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 16:16:07 CET 2018

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying a specific scenario related to NIC bonding in DPDK. I
am whitelisting two ports to be used in Active-Backup mode, but one of the
ports is down when rte_eal_init is called during initialization. In our
case, this gives us this warning message:

PMD: eth_ixgbevf_dev_init(): VF Initialization Failure: -15
EAL: Releasing pci mapped resource for 0000:02:10.1
EAL: Calling pci_unmap_resource for 0000:02:10.1 at 0x7ff380008000
EAL: Calling pci_unmap_resource for 0000:02:10.1 at 0x7ff38000c000
EAL: Requested device 0000:02:10.1 cannot be used

Due to this, the port is just ignored in the portlist available and the
rte_eth_dev_count is set to 1 instead of 2 ports. I was wondering if there
is any way to refresh the port list after initialization or is it only
possible to do it by calling rte_eal_init again?


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