[dpdk-users] Timestamping packets with 40G rate

ikuzar RABE ikuzar9295 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 17:12:35 CET 2018

Hi all,

I would like to timestamp packets read from intel NIC XL710QDA2 40G
I found three ways to timestamp packets, using:

   1. PTP
   2. HPET
   3. TSC

Q1. Are there other ways to timestamp packets ?
Q2. related to 1) is it possible to timestamp each packet (and not each
Q3. related to 1) is there a time synchronisation with remote server ?
Q4. related to 2) I saw that there is perfomance issue with HPET, is it the
case with release 17 of DPDK ?
Q5. related to 3) is there a way to convert the return value of rte_rdtsc();
Q6. what is the common way to timestamp EACH packet in 40Gbit/s rate ?


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