[dpdk-users] Reduce latency of DPDK RX Interrupts

Baptiste Wicht baptistewicht at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 11:48:22 CET 2018


In order to reduce latency in a project, I'm trying to use RX interrupts
instead of busy-polling with sleep in between. It works well, but I would
like to reduce the latency even further.

I have two questions regarding the use of RX interrupts:

1) Do I have to enable/disable interrupts on the queue around the
rte_epoll_wait call? Currently, I'm doing
enable/rte_epoll_wait/disable/recv on each wait. Wouldn't it be possible to
enable once and never disable the interrupts?
2) Is there any configuration option I could play with to try to reduce the
latency further?

Thanks a lot for your help

Dr. Baptiste Wicht
My personal website - http://baptiste-wicht.com

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