[dpdk-users] Receiving dot1Q frames on VF with I350 in SR-IOV

John Sucaet john.sucaet at oneaccess-net.com
Wed Oct 3 17:26:42 CEST 2018


Our dpdk (17.05) application runs in a virtual machine (VM, qemu/kvm). 
One VF of a i350 NIC in SR-IOV mode (max_vfs=7) is provided to this VM. 
The host (Fedora 25) has the latest igb driver (

We see a problem when trying to send or to receive frames with 802.1Q 
tagging. We send the VLAN tagged frames from the application with the 
VLAN header already inserted and want to receive frames without the VLAN 
header being stripped. We don't configure hw filtering (hw_vlan_filter = 
0 in rxmode). We don't see any packet leaving the VM, unless we disable 
on the host vlan spoof checking (ip link set enp10s0f0 vf 0 spoofchk 
off). However on the rx side, tagged packets are not sent to the VF, but 
seen in a tcpdump on the PF.

My questions: has this to do with vlan promiscuous mode which is not 
enabled by the igb driver? Is it possible to enable vlan promiscuous 
mode from the VM? If not, can I program the vlan filtering table from 
the VM? (is that with the function: rte_eth_dev_vlan_filter?) Can I 
disable vlan stripping/insertion from the VM?

Thanks for any help


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