[dpdk-users] i40e VF PMD not getting multicast packets

Ruinan huruinan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 20:32:45 CEST 2018


Did you enable trust mode on vf? If trust is off on host, promiscuous can’t enabled from vm.

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> On Oct 15, 2018, at 14:26, Dey, Souvik <sodey at rbbn.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
>                I am currently facing issues with getting the multicast IPv6 packets when using the i40evf pmd.
> I do see there is a limitation mentioned in the release notes of DPDK that
> 16.27. I40e VF may not receive packets in the promiscuous mode
> Description:
> Promiscuous mode is not supported by the DPDK i40e VF driver when using the i40e Linux kernel driver as host driver.
> Implication:
> The i40e VF does not receive packets when the destination MAC address is unknown.
> Resolution/Workaround:
> Use a explicit destination MAC address that matches the VF.
> Affected Environment/Platform:
> All.
> Driver/Module:
> Poll Mode Driver (PMD).
> Do this mean that multicast promiscuous mode is also not supported ? I am currently facing issues with receiving packets multicast packets for IPv6 which is making IPv6 to fail with i40evf pmd.
> I am currently using 17.11.2 DPDK with the Centos 7.5 and i40e 2.4.6 version on the host. I have the rte_eth_allmulticast_enable() also set for the port but still I see all multicast packets are not reaching the pmd.
> Also if promiscuous mode has to be turned off then how should we add multicast address to the PF from the VF ?
> --
> Regards,
> Souvik

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