[dpdk-users] Query SFP+ module information

Paul T paultop6 at outlook.com
Fri Oct 26 12:24:35 CEST 2018


Is it possible to query information about the SFP+ modules inserted into a X710 10GbE network card via DPDK?

I have a specific user case where its a possibility that a 25GbE SFP+ module could be inserted into a 10GbE X710.  The error that is thrown when this happens is:

PMD: eth_i40e_dev_init(): Failed to sync phy type: -95
EAL: Error - exiting with code: 1
 Cause: Requested device 0000:66:00.0 cannot be used

I'm wondering if there is a way to query the module before this stage so there is a more graceful way to handling the unusable module.



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