[dpdk-users] Bring DPDK on ConnectX-3

zzqq2199 at mail.ustc.edu.cn zzqq2199 at mail.ustc.edu.cn
Wed Oct 31 18:18:50 CET 2018


Recently I have worked on running dpdk on our infiniband card but failed. Our adapters card is ConnectX-3, which is in the dpdk’s support hardwares list, but specific type, MSX6710-FS2F2 is not found in detailed support nics list of mlx4. 


Adapter card: Mellanox MSX6710-FS2F2 ConnectX-3

CentOS version: CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)

Linux version: Linux version 3.10.0-862.11.6.el7.x86_64 (builder at kbuilder.dev.centos.org) (gcc version 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-28) (GCC) )


         CA 'mlx4_0'

        CA type: MT4099

        Number of ports: 1

        Firmware version: 2.42.5000

        Hardware version: 1

        Node GUID: 0xec0d9a0300b35fd0

        System image GUID: 0xec0d9a0300b35fd3

        Port 1:

                State: Active

                Physical state: LinkUp

                Rate: 56

                Base lid: 17

                LMC: 0

                SM lid: 19

                Capability mask: 0x0251486a

                Port GUID: 0xec0d9a0300b35fd1

                Link layer: InfiniBand


Quesion Description


I tried several versions of dpdk on our infiniband, and got different errors.


1. Run tools/dpdk_nic_band.py, there is no ConnectX-3 in output.

2. Running hellowolrd is ok.

3. Running l2fwd is failed.

./build/l2fwd -l 0-3 -n 4 -- -q 8 -p ffff

Initializing port 0... PMD:librte_pmd_mlx4: 0x951960: TX queues number update: 0 -> 1

PMD: librte_pmd_mlx4: 0x951960: RX queues number update: 0 -> 1

PMD: librte_pmd_mlx4: 0x951960: QP state to IBV_QPS_INIT failed: Invalid arguments

EAL: Error - exiting with code: 1

Cause: rte_eth_rx_queue_setup:err=-22, port=0

Dpdk-16.07.2(next version of dpdk-2.0.0)

1. Run tools/dpdk_nic_band.py, and it prints ConnectX-3

2. Running helloworld is failed

./build/helloworld -c f -n 4

EAL: Error - exiting with code: 1

Cause: Requested device 0000:82:00.0 cannot be used


Now I wonder :

1. If official dpdks only support the one nic of mlx4 listed in official guide(http://doc.dpdk.org/guides/nics/mlx4.html#supported-nics)

2. For ConnectX-3*, ConnectX-4*, if official dpdks only support ethernet adapter but not infiniband adapter version?



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