[dpdk-users] Building app with source in subdirectory ?doesn't work

Rami Rosen roszenrami at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 12:51:29 CEST 2018

HI Peter,

>I tried debugging the `Makefile` via `make D=1` but it doesn't output any debug >information before failing on abovementioned message.

You need to run "make V=1" in order to get debug messages in the build
process, and not D=1. I would suggest that you will try again with V=1
and post the log here.

Second, where is the Makefile (with SRC-y) that you mentioned located ?

If I understand correctly, you added the "tst" folder under the root DPDK tree.

Third: usually applications are added under the examples folder or the
app folder, and you can follow recent patches of adding app under
examples, unless it is mandatory that the tst folder you added will be
under the root DPDK folder.

Rami Rosen

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