[dpdk-users] rte_flow MARK action with Mellanox 100G Card to offload flow tagging to HW

Arvind Narayanan webguru2688 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 21:20:27 CEST 2018


I am trying to use rte_flow's MARK action to set hash.fdir.hi field with
whatever I set via rte_flow action. I adapt the flow_filtering example and
create another function which takes 3 actions. I have also checked out this
blog post <https://www.napatech.com/hw-acceleration-via-rte_flow/> and my
implementation is similar to theirs.

I am able to create the flow without any error, however when I pass the
packets, hash.fdir.hi field in rte_mbuf is not set nor is mb->ol_flags &
PKT_RX_FDIR_ID set. Am I missing anything here?

RTE_LOG(INFO, MM, "Index %d (%d.%d) found by HW\n", bufs[i]->hash.fdir.hi,
bufs[i]->hash.fdir.hi >> 1, bufs[i]->hash.fdir.hi & 1);

MM: Index -1 (2147483647.1) found by HW

Dell R620 with Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz (6 cores)
NIC: Mellanox ConnectX-5 EN 100G  (MCX516A-CDAT)
Only one socket is there.
HT is disabled.
DPDK 18.08
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Driver MLNX_OFED_LINUX-4.4- was installed

For more information, this is function I use to set the MARK field (or
install the rte_flow rule).

struct rte_flow *
generate_ipv4_flow_tag(uint16_t port_id, uint16_t rx_q,
                   uint32_t src_ip, uint32_t src_mask,
                   uint32_t dest_ip, uint32_t dest_mask, uint32_t tag,
                   struct rte_flow_error *error)
    struct rte_flow_attr attr;
    struct rte_flow_item pattern[MAX_PATTERN_NUM];
    struct rte_flow_action action[MAX_PATTERN_NUM];
    struct rte_flow *flow = NULL;
    struct rte_flow_action_queue queue = { .index = rx_q };
    struct rte_flow_action_mark mark = { .id = tag };
    struct rte_flow_item_eth eth_spec;
    struct rte_flow_item_eth eth_mask;
    struct rte_flow_item_ipv4 ip_spec;
    struct rte_flow_item_ipv4 ip_mask;
    int res;

    memset(pattern, 0, sizeof(pattern));
    memset(action, 0, sizeof(action));

     * set the rule attribute.
     * in this case only ingress packets will be checked.
    memset(&attr, 0, sizeof(struct rte_flow_attr));
    attr.ingress = 1;

     * create the action sequence.
     * one action only,  move packet to queue

    action[0].type = RTE_FLOW_ACTION_TYPE_QUEUE;
    action[0].conf = &queue;
    action[1].type = RTE_FLOW_ACTION_TYPE_MARK;
    action[1].conf = &mark;
    action[2].type = RTE_FLOW_ACTION_TYPE_END;

     * set the first level of the pattern (eth).
     * since in this example we just want to get the
     * ipv4 we set this level to allow all.
    memset(&eth_spec, 0, sizeof(struct rte_flow_item_eth));
    memset(&eth_mask, 0, sizeof(struct rte_flow_item_eth));
    eth_spec.type = 0;
    eth_mask.type = 0;
    pattern[0].type = RTE_FLOW_ITEM_TYPE_ETH;
    pattern[0].spec = &eth_spec;
    pattern[0].mask = &eth_mask;

     * setting the third level of the pattern (ip).
     * in this example this is the level we care about
     * so we set it according to the parameters.
    memset(&ip_spec, 0, sizeof(struct rte_flow_item_ipv4));
    memset(&ip_mask, 0, sizeof(struct rte_flow_item_ipv4));
    ip_spec.hdr.dst_addr = htonl(dest_ip);
    ip_mask.hdr.dst_addr = dest_mask;
    ip_spec.hdr.src_addr = htonl(src_ip);
    ip_mask.hdr.src_addr = src_mask;
    pattern[1].type = RTE_FLOW_ITEM_TYPE_IPV4;
    pattern[1].spec = &ip_spec;
    pattern[1].mask = &ip_mask;

    /* the final level must be always type end */
    pattern[2].type = RTE_FLOW_ITEM_TYPE_END;

    res = rte_flow_validate(port_id, &attr, pattern, action, error);
    if (!res)
        flow = rte_flow_create(port_id, &attr, pattern, action, error);

    return flow;

Can anyone please help me with what I may be missing?



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