[dpdk-users] Outer VLAN stripping X710 NIC

Tomáš Jánský tomas.jansky at flowmon.com
Fri Feb 22 08:59:38 CET 2019

Hello DPDK Team,

I am having an issue with the behavior of Intel X710 NIC and would like
some clarification.
When the card receives packets with QinQ (double 802.1Q) the RX_RSS based
on L3 and L4 information is not working without specifying
However, by specifying the mentioned flag, the card automatically strips
outer VLAN from the packet (even without using other offload flags like
DEV_RX_OFFLOAD_VLAN_STRIP) while leaving only the inner VLAN in the packet.
I know that the TCI from the stripped VLAN can be found in rte_mbuf
structure, but is it possible to force the card to keep the outer VLAN in
the packet (and still maintain working RSS)?
I do not know, whether this is an issue with DPDK design or the X710 NIC
itself. I was unable to find any useful information in the card datasheet.

Any clarification on this topic would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

All the best

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