[dpdk-users] Only one Rx/Tx queue pair is assigned by DPDK PMD "net_bnxt" for BCM57414 VF

Vishnuvardhan Reddy Malispatel vishnu.malispatel at oracle.com
Thu Jan 3 12:52:29 CET 2019



I have a guest virtual machine attached with  BCM57414 Virtual Function .

-          When the BCM VF is owned by Linux driver "bnxt_en", I am seeing two Rx/Tx queues are assigned by the driver.

-          When the same device is owned by DPDK PMD "net_bnxt" , I am seeing only one Rx/Tx queue is assigned and used by the PMD. 


Can someone help me in understanding the difference between the Linux driver behavior and DPDK PMD behavior in determining the number of queues for this specific VF ?


I am using  the DPDK version "dpdk-17.11.4".


Thanks & Regards,


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