[dpdk-users] pdump can only work once now

benli ye danielbenliye at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 14:44:18 CET 2019


I am new to DPDK and I found pdump can only work once on DPDK 18.11.0.
It reported the following error when running dpdk-pdump secondly.

Ethernet device with name net_pcap_rx_0 already allocated
EAL: Failed to hotplug add device on primary

testpmd command:  testpmd -l 0-1 -n 4 --master-lcore 0 -- -a
pdump comman: dpdk-pdump -- --pdump 'port=0,queue=*,rx-dev=/tmp/rx.pcap'

Is this a bug? Does anyone can take a look at this?


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