[dpdk-users] Service cores and multi-process

Pathak, Pravin pravin.pathak at intel.com
Thu Jan 17 14:25:47 CET 2019

Hi Harry -
Thanks.  Extending the same question further,  if two processes (within same DPDK instance) need same service, then should they both specify same service core mask?
I assumed primary process will start the service on service cores and secondary process (using same service core mask) will use the service.


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Hi Pravin,

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> Hi All -
> In case of DPDK multi-process mode, do we need to give same service 
> core masks for all process invocation?

No it is not required to give the exact same service-core mask.
This is the same for "normal" DPDK lcores - they can be different in the secondary than they are in the primary.

> Regards
> Pravin

Regards, -Harry

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