[dpdk-users] mlx5 flow MARK action does not work with RSS

Tom Barbette barbette at kth.se
Wed Jan 30 18:47:15 CET 2019

Hi all,

It seems that when using the RTE_FLOW_ACTION_TYPE_RSS action, the  RTE_FLOW_ACTION_TYPE_MARK does not work anymore with mlx5. The flag RX_PKT_ID is not set, and the value in .hi is not good either. If I use RTE_FLOW_ACTION_TYPE_QUEUE it works fine.

Actually, I do not want specifically to use the RSS action. I would just like the packet to be marked but continue its normal path (that is the global RSS). However I get the "no fate action" error in that case.

Any way to use RSS but keep the "mark" ?



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