[dpdk-users] binding PF and VF to DPDK

Jasmine Sanghvi jsanghvi at SonicWall.com
Mon Jan 28 04:26:28 CET 2019


Our environment:

DPDK Version: 18.02
Kernel: 4.14.56
NIC: XL710/i40e/i40evf
SRIOV (linux i40e driver version 2.7.11 / i40ef driver version 3.6.10)

On host, we create n VFs on the physical device, by setting

Our dpdk application that binds to these VFs and does some packet processing.
PF stays bound to Linux i40e driver. We are not using the Linux PF interface
for any other purpose.
Under continuous heavy load we find that our application stops receiving
traffic after a while.
dmesg displays a msg to the tune of "TX driver issue detected, PF reset issued".

Looking at the i40e linux driver code, it appears that i40e is detecting "Malicious
driver".  I don't see any way to disable "Malicious Driver Detection"
in i40e driver (no module parameter).

Alternative was to bind PF also to dpdk (igb_uio) and not start PF eth dev.
However when I bind PF to dpdk, all VFs disappear.

I tried binding PF before and after...same result.  After I bind PF to dpdk,
rte_eth_dev_count() only reflects PF and cannot get dev_info corresponding to

My question is can PF and VFs be both bound to DPDK?



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