[dpdk-users] mlx5 flow MARK action does not work with RSS

Tom Barbette barbette at kth.se
Thu Jan 31 17:40:38 CET 2019

Le 31/01/2019 à 15:04, Shahaf Shuler a écrit :
> What is the functionally you seek? It will much help to propose a solution.

What I'd like is to mark some packets. Eg ARP packets with 1, ICMP PING 
with 2, IP dst port 80 with 3, etc.

But I'd like the packets to follow the normal behavior except from that. 
My default behavior would be to use RSS to dispatch packets among a set 
of queues.

In the current scheme, I must set a specific "fate" action for each 
flow, like QUEUE or RSS.
Of course the list of flows is dynamically generated, and it is 
complicated to change QUEUE/RSS according to the flow type. I would like 
to say "mark packets, then do as the NIC would normally do". That's why 
I imagine a "default" action.


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