[dpdk-users] direct specific packets to specific receive queue

Huai-En Tseng the at csie.io
Wed Jul 3 10:05:34 CEST 2019


I suppose below three things to understand what difference between flex filter, fdir, flex payload and how to use them by tracing source code in testpmd.
First, while I use flex filter API with rte_eth_dev_filter_ctrl(), RTE_ETH_FILTER_FLEXIBLE  and struct rte_eth_flex_filter on my CX4 and X520 its not working.

And I find that in dpdk NIC driver there are only a little NICs like igb NIC support it, so I assume flex filter does not support most NICs such as i40e, ixgbe, ixgbevf and mlx5.

Second, I assume the fdir API is a smaller set which is included the flex filter API.

Third,  flex payload is kind of flex filter API application.

Is all my assumption right?

And is there any full support hardware list?

Last question, is there any method that I can direct specific packets to specific receive queue?

I want to direct pppoe packets to specific receive queue. 

I have tried the raw fdir API but it has limited function in X520, and testpmd flex filter is not working on my CX4 and X520 too.

I also find there is a feature DDP in Intel 700 series NICs but it seems only detects pppoe header but I need to detect ppp header in pppoe header.

Thanks a lot.

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