[dpdk-users] i40e, tx queue problem (TX descriptor is not done)

alex at therouter.net alex at therouter.net
Thu Jul 4 10:12:46 CEST 2019


what could be a reason for getting "TX descriptor is not done" error on
i40e driver? My application works fine for a while, it could be day or 
couple days,
then one of tx queues would hang and stop transmitting packets while 
other tx queues
would be ok. DPDK version is 17.11.1. NIC is X710-DA2, firmware-version: 
6.01 0x80003498 0.0.0
Also, I am facing this problem only on a particular server that has a 
westmere intel cpu,
other servers are doing ok.

I already had this problem years ago and it was solved by downgrading to 
DPDK 16.x branch.
This time downgrading is not an option anymore.

Thank you.


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