[dpdk-users] Need some help in ovs-dpdk (GRE and VXLAN packets not routed to the vm in same hypervisor)

ram kumar nram1987 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 21:02:02 CEST 2019

Hi All,

            I have some doubts in ovs-dpdk packet routing.

The GRE and vxlan packet gets dropped some where which i cannot figure out.

This happens only when i try to send the packet from one vm to another that
lies in the same hypervisor.

I am able to send the gre and vxlan packet successfully to the VM sitting
outside the hypervisor.

I just want to know how the packets gets routed in this case and want to
know where the packets gets dropped and looking for a work around.

Can any one help me on this issue.

Ramkumar N.

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