[dpdk-users] Why flow can not be created?

Hideyuki Yamashita yamashita.hideyuki at ntt-tx.co.jp
Fri Jul 19 08:08:46 CEST 2019


I am trying to use rte_flow with i40e PMD.

What I want to achieve is like following.

 ---(dst MAC=XorY && VID=AorB) ---> PHY --default(VID=B)--> Queue0
                                                                 VID=A && dstMAC=X----> Queue1
                                                                 VID=A && dstMAC=Y----> Queue2

I tried to create flow using testpmd, but failed.

testpmd> flow create 0 ingress pattern eth dst is 11:22:33:44:55:66 type mask 0xffff / vlan tci is 150 / end quactions inqueue index 1 / end
Caught error type 13 (specific pattern item): cause: 0x17ff5e200, Invalid MAC_addr mask.3, : Invalid argument

Note that I could create flow which matches with dst Mac address.
I could also create flow which matches with VID.

---(dst MAC=XorYorZ) ---> PHY  --default(Z)--> Queue0
                                                      dstMAC=X----> Queue1
                                                       dstMAC=Y----> Queue2

---(VID=AorB) ---> PHY  --default(B)--> Queue0
                                           VID=A-------> Queue1

However when comined those two into one flow, testpmd failed to validate the flow.

Q1. Why above flow can not be created?
Q2. All the NICs supported by i40e-PMD do NOT provide above operation and packet classification features?
Q3. Are there any PMD/NIC which allow above operation?

Thaks in advance,

Hideyuki Yamashita
NTT TechnoCross

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