[dpdk-users] AMAZON ENA - PMD: Trying to receive pkts while device is NOT running

Ziliang Chen zlchen.ken at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 06:43:16 CEST 2019


I was trying to capture packets for AMAZON ENA device by using DPDK SDK.
1. I got quite a few these messages "*PMD: Trying to receive pkts while
device is NOT running*" when the application starts. May i ask what does
this message mean?
2. I tried to capture packets for all queues (8 rx queues in total) for the
ENA device, however i always got "*ena_queue_start(): Failed to populate rx
ring*" error. If i captured rx queue 0 only, the DPDK application didn't
report this error. May i ask if anyone know any caveats to capture all
queues for ENA device ?

Thank you so much !

Regards, Zi-Liang

Mail:zlchen.ken at gmail.com

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