[dpdk-users] Crash in virtio pmd - dpdk 17.11.4

Rao, Sanjay srao at verisign.com
Mon May 6 23:09:48 CEST 2019

My apologies if this is already reported. I am seeing a crash in virtqueue_enqueue_xmit() function at line#291 in drivers/net/virtio_rxtx.c. This is in DPDK version 17.11.4 and happens under a sustained heavy traffic.

static inline void
virtqueue_enqueue_xmit(struct virtnet_tx *txvq, struct rte_mbuf *cookie,
                       uint16_t needed, int use_indirect, int can_push)
        struct virtio_tx_region *txr = txvq->virtio_net_hdr_mz->addr;
        struct vq_desc_extra *dxp;
        struct virtqueue *vq = txvq->vq;
        struct vring_desc *start_dp;
        uint16_t seg_num = cookie->nb_segs;
        uint16_t head_idx, idx;
        uint16_t head_size = vq->hw->vtnet_hdr_size;
        struct virtio_net_hdr *hdr;
        int offload;

       offload = tx_offload_enabled(vq->hw);
        head_idx = vq->vq_desc_head_idx;
        idx = head_idx;
        dxp = &vq->vq_descx[idx];     <-- idx is VQ_RING_DESC_CHAIN_END


Can somebody familiar with this code let me know if there is any work around for this.


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