[dpdk-users] question about XL710 ATR mode

ZhangHaisen zhanghaisen at bigo.sg
Wed May 29 10:48:08 CEST 2019


I have questions about the ATR mode of Intel XL710 NIC.

I built nginx with DPDK, and ran it as 16 worker processes which means, each
process was band to one cpu core to handle one queue of NIC.

My nginx worked as reverse proxy and would initiatively connected to the
backend Real http server. I ran my nginx on the server with Intel X520
NIC,and it worked well. 


While with same configure I ran it on the server with Intel XL710 NIC, nginx
did not work.

It seems that DPDK i40e driver does not support automatic ATR in default for
XL710, while XL710 datasheet says in default it runs on ATR mode.

And I found in the DPDK source code for i40e driver, there is not routine to
enable or disable ATR mode. 


How should I do if I need to use ATR mode for XL710 in DPDK?

Can someone help on this?





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