[dpdk-announce] release candidate 16.07-rc1

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Mon Jul 4 03:59:44 CEST 2016

A new DPDK release candidate is ready for testing:

It is the first release candidate for DPDK 16.07.
This version must be released before the end of July.
Therefore we have 3 weeks to make the validation and fixes.

The current release notes show most of the main changes:
There were a lot of changes in mempool, thus it is important to
check the memory usage and the performances.

The last big changes which could be accepted in the RC2 are:
	- pmdinfo
	- rte_pci_dev_ids.h removal
	- possible more EAL cleanup

If you are not involved in the last minute changes, you can help by
	- testing and reporting bugs
	- reviewing pending patches
	- reviewing and testing at the same time :)

Please start now discussing the changes you plan to do for
the next release cycle (16.11).

Thank you everyone

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