[dpdk-announce] DPDK 16.11 released

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Sun Nov 13 23:22:54 CET 2016

A new major release is available:

It has been built by an important community:
	728 patches from 119 authors
	773 files changed, 60728 insertions(+), 1220384 deletions(-)

There are 56 new contributors
(including authors, reviewers and testers):
Thanks to Alain Leon, Aleksey Katargin, Alex Zelezniak, Ali Volkan Atli,
Amine Kherbouche, Ananda Sathyanarayana, Ben Walker, Byron Marohn,
Daniele Di Proietto, Daniel Verkamp, Deirdre O'Connor, Elad Persiko,
E. Scott Daniels, Frederico Cadete, Gary Mussar, Gowrishankar Muthukrishnan,
Guolin Yang, Guruprasad Rao, James Poole, Jason Wang, Jean Tourrilhes,
Jiayu Hu, John Carney, John Ousterhout, Jon Loeliger, Jozef Martiniak,
Juho Snellman, Karmarkar Suyash, Luca Boccassi, Masoud Hasanifard,
Matthias Gatto, Mohammad Abdul Awal, Morten Brørup, Nikhil Jagtap,
Ning Li, Nipun Gupta, Olivier Gournet, Patrick Kutch, Pierre Pfister,
Qiming Yang, Qi Zhang, Rahul R Shah, Sagi Grimberg, Saikrishna Edupuganti,
Sarath Somasekharan, Souvik Dey, Tal Avraham, Tao Y Yang, Vincent Guo,
Wang Wei, Weiliang Luo, Wei Zhao, Xuekun Hu, Yangchao Zhou, Yunjian Wang,
Zhiyong Yang.

These new contributors are associated with these domain names:
163.com, 6wind.com, annapurnalabs.com, argela.com.tr, att.com,
broadcom.com, brocade.com, ciena.com, cisco.com, corp.free.fr,
cs.stanford.edu, gmail.com, grimberg.me, huawei.com, iki.fi,
intel.com, jd.com, labs.hpe.com, linux.vnet.ibm.com, mellanox.com,
netgate.com, nxp.com, oneaccess-net.com, outscale.com, redhat.com,
research.att.com, smartsharesystems.com, sonusnet.com,
versa-networks.com, vmware.com, 

Some highlights:
	- new device object model
	- more networking offloads
	- improved vhost
	- virtio for NEON on ARM
	- new crypto libraries (ZUC and OpenSSL)
More details in the release notes:

The new features for the 17.02 cycle must be submitted before December 4.
There is a long list of expected works:
It means we will have a huge workload to properly review all the new stuff
before the end of the year. Do not forget to help reviewing patches from
others if we want to have a chance to integrate everything in time.

Other works in progress:
- A structure in Linux Foundation is being discussed at moving at dpdk.org
- A CI process is being discussed at ci at dpdk.org

Thanks everyone

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