[dpdk-announce] DPDK Community Survey - about to close

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> ... 
> Regarding improvement areas, the main feedback was:
> * Release Support (stable releases, LTS)
> * Documentation - certain aspects are outdated and need attention (particularly the Programmers Guide)
> * No specific hotspots but performance bottlenecks seen in certain areas
> * Need for a continuous integration and test environment

Hi all - I just want to draw your attention to day 2 of the DPDK Userspace event in Dublin next week in which there will be a discussion on 'Usability (including packaging, stable releases, LTS releases etc.)' led by John McNamara (Intel), Christian Ehrhardt (Canonical), and Luca Boccassi (Brocade), and a presentation on 'Testing and Continuous Integration improvements in DPDK' by Qian Xu and Yuanhan Liu (both Intel). In addition, Bruce Richardson (Intel) will be giving a presentation on 'Identifying and Fixing Performance Bottlenecks in DPDK' using an example from the i40e driver illustrate the process.

The full planned agenda is located here https://dpdksummit.com/  

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